We’re a full-service audio production house, specializing in storytelling, whether that’s creating content for entertainment, or giving our partners a platform to speak to their clients, and more importantly, potential clients.

We can provide everything you need to get up and running with a quality show, including in-studio coaching, concept and content development, asset sourcing, marketing and end-to-end production. You come in, do your thing, and an hour later you have a finished, polished piece of marketing collateral ready to go out over distribution channels, something else we can help you set up.

Why podcasting? We could go on about the attractive demographics and the upswing in consumption until we’re blue in the face, but if you really want to know why podcasting is one of the best ways to get your message out, take a look at Edison Research’s recent research paper The Podcast Consumer 2015. They do a far better job of painting the picture of how impressive podcasting’s growth and potential are going into 2017.

If you have an existing show, or an idea for one, we hope you’ll consider us as a home for that show, and if you have a business we hope you’ll consider podcasting as a marketing platform.

For any questions or to get started give us a call at 425-626-2100, or drop us a line at Info@soundcastingnetwork.com.