Podcasting is a premium platform. Listeners aren’t just potential customers who randomly stumbled across your ad. They came to us, they looked for us, they tuned in because they want to be there. Advertising with the SoundCasting Network gets you an engaged audience.

We offer a variety of advertising options, including live reads, dedicated ads, in-show mentions, giveaways and more. Advertising packages can be built to suit your needs.

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Podcasting For Business & Fun

Are you a business looking for a new marketing platform? Do you want to build your brand with clients and customers in a way that’s entertaining, informative and engaging?

Or maybe you just have a show idea but don’t have the equipment or the space to execute your idea.

The SoundCasting Network offers studio space, production & editing services, as well as technical help and support services to anyone looking to start their own podcast.

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